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Day of Action 6 January 2014

The day of Action on 6 January 2014 provided an opportunity for the Criminal Bar to express their discontent at the Government's proposed fee cuts to publicly funded work. Many of the Criminal Bar on the Western Circuit attended meetings in Exeter, Bristol and Winchester. For some in the far West, it was not possible to attend those meetings due to professional commitments in the afternoon. However, five members of the Criminal Team at Devon Chambers put the morning to good use. Piers Norsworthy, Julia Cox, Sally Daulton, Sarah Vince and Scott Horner attended a local secondary school and spoke to a group of teenagers with a view to encouraging them to consider a career within the law and most significantly at the Bar. The talk was not designed to go in to detail about the current position of those at the Criminal Bar instead it provided an opportunity to educate those who might be considering a career in law about the profession, why it is a good profession to become a part of and how to qualify as a barrister. It was interesting that despite the fact that the proposed cuts were not mentioned by the barristers, students as young as fourteen asked questions about earnings and the difficulties of being a self-employed barrister. It was, however, reassuring to see that there are still well-educated and intelligent individuals hoping to pursue a career at the Bar.

Following the talk the teacher involved provided this comment:

"Thanks once again for an informative morning; up to date information from "real" people (as opposed to teachers...) is always much appreciated"